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The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia concludes a series of consultations it has been holding

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia concluded its three-day meeting with various stakeholders on November 2, 2020. The discussion was attended by civil society organizations, members of the media community and political parties. Among the major issues raised at the forum are: the major preparations about the election during covid epidemic; What are expected from stakeholders? What does the Board's preparation look like? When will the main election activities take place? And how election related conflicts be resolved, were also been discussed.

The Board, for its part, has announced plans to conduct election during Covid, major electoral activities, timing and issues related to the security. Political parties have expressed concern that elections will be difficult, especially because of the security situation in the country. The Board, for its part, has developed a comprehensive security plan and shared it with stakeholders. The discussion was chaired by members of the Board`s management, Birtukan Mideksa, Woubshet Ayele, Bizuwork Ketete and Dr. Abera Degefa. Based on the inputs collected, the board will announce future activities with their possible timeframe.

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National Election Board of Ethiopia

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