Following is a List of political parties accredited by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia on 2022 GC.

PDFList of political parties accredited by the board

Following is a list of parties that have selected their election symbols and are given approval by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE).

PDFlist of political parties

According to a statement issued by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia on December 22, 2021, among the parties that were asked to fulfill the requirements, the following four parties were successful in doing so, and two other parties have been canceled due to non-compliance. Parties that fulfilled the requirements are:

  1. Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) - 39%
  2. Afar People's Party (APP) - 45%
  3. Gamo Democratic Party (GDP) - 94%
  4. Afar Liberation Front (ANDF) - 48%
  5. Parties that are rejected due to non-compliance are:

1. The Oromo People's Democratic Party (OPDP) – scoring below 35% to provide proof of founding members signature and incomplete residency record of 1142 founding members;

2. The Sidama National Democratic Party (SDPP) - 778 of the founding members’ residency information is neither complete nor verified by witnesses.

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia

December 28, 2021


The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced its decisions on December 22, 2021 in accordance with Proclamation No. 1162/2011 and the directives that require minimum criteria parties should meet.

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December 22, 2021

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia


The Process of Political Parties’ Registration for Certification

It is recalled that the number of political parties that are registered by the board and others on the way to get registered exceeds 130. In line with the new Political Parties Registration and Election Proclamation, the electoral board is ready to provide assistance for political parties to enable them comply with the requirements of the new law, and for the other parties that are under formation, to take temporary registration certificate, and to adjust their formation in accordance with the new law.

Parties That Have already had their Certificates and Are Registered Under the Previous Law

In light of Political Parties Registration and Electoral Ethics Proclamation No. 1162/2011, and in accordance with Directive No. 3 that was issued by the Board by the powers vested on it, the board identified issues that need attention after examining documents of the parties that were issued certificate under the previous law. A communique was sent to the parties enclosing the Proclamation and Registration of Political Parties Directive, and they were sent a letter informing them about the criteria they should fulfill according to the new law.


  • By March 12, 2021, all political parties, with the exception of parties that are established to represent a minority public (communities with an official census score of 10,000-100,000) are required to present documentation until March 12, 2021that shows they achieved the minimum required number of founding members.
  • Political parties that did not convene a general assembly should convene their assembly with the least required number of members, and minority public parties should convene their assembly the least number of general assembly members that is stipulated in their by-law until March 12, 2021 and submit their by-laws after amend it accordingly.
  • Political parties should submit an updated audit report of the support provided to them by the government during the general elections in 2010 and 2015.
  • Political parties that are not yet due to convene a general assembly should call the assembly until February 7, 2021. They were told to hold a meeting and make adjustments to their bylaws.

Accordingly, until March 12, 2021, from 106 political parties that had certificates and had been registered under the previous law and who had received a letter from the Board, 76 political parties submitted documents, and it is being investigated whether the documents are complete in accordance with the law. During this examination:

  • Checks are made whether parties comply with all requirements set out in the letter (Presentation of General Assembly documents, signatures, etc.);
  • Drawing samples from the founding members list for verification purpose,
  • Verify authenticity is signatures by sending samples to the localities they were collected,
  • Checking whether changes in by-laws are recorded appropriately, and general assembly documents are kept properly.

Once this step is completed, the Board will announce how many of the 76 parties meet the requirements.

Parties Canceled Due To Unsatisfactory Request for Extension

There are 16 political parties that have not been able to submit the required documents and have asked for an additional time to submit them. Form these, the Board decided to cancel certificates of 13 parties which did not have convincing reasons for non-compliance. It was also decided that the following two parties (Ethiopian Democratic Party and Welene People’s Party) are having internal issues and are informed to hold their general assembly when the Covid-19 epidemic is over. The board is reviewing documents of other parties whose list is provided hereafter.

  1. Ethiopian Democratic Unity Movement (EDU)
  2. Geda System Progressive Party (GESPA)
  3. Denta Dubamo Kitchnechla People's Democratic Organization
  4. Ethiopian National Unity Congress (Congress)
  5. Tigri Worji Nationality Democratic Organization (TWNDO)
  6. All Amhara People's Organization (AAPO)
  7. Ethiopian Unity Democratic Organization (EUDP)
  8. All Amhara People's Party (AMPP)
  9. Ethiopians National Movement (ENM)
  10. Southern Ethiopia Democratic Congress (South Congress)
  11. Sheko and its Locality People's Democratic Organization (SLPDO)
  12. Freedom and Peace for the Ethiopian Union Party (Freedom and Peace)

List of Parties That Have Not Submitted Documents to Meet the Requirements

Fourteen other parties failed to submit their documents in response to a call from the board, and some stated that they had merged with other parties. Accordingly, the Board decided to revoke the registration certificate of these 14 parties. They are the following.

List of parties:

  1. Vision Ethiopia Party
  2. All Ethiopians Democratic Party
  3. Kambata People's Congress
  4. Hadiya Nationality Democratic Organization
  5. Omo People's Democratic Union
  6. The Dele Wabi People's Democratic Movement
  7. Bench People's Democratic Organization
  8. The Silte People's Democratic Party
  9. Afar People's Liberation Party
  10. Somali Unity Party
  11. Freedom for Unity and Justice Party
  12. National Reconstruction for Peace Development
  13. South West Ethiopian People's Union
  14. Gambella Regional Movement

Accordingly, the Board has decided to disqualify a total of 27 parties in the first round of screening. After the second round of screening, the list of parties which have submitted documents and are eligible to be issued certificates will be announced.

Parties That Have Received a Temporary Accreditation Certificate

A temporary certificate is a document issued to a party for three months to prepare for its main registration.

Its service time can be extended for three more months if there is good reason. Temporary certificate cannot be used as the main party registration. Eleven national and 21 regional parties are preparing for registration.

Note: The review of party documents is complete, and further information will be published on this webpage.

Examination of Party Documents Regarding National and Regional Party Registration Requirements

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) stipulates that any registered political party must comply with the requirements set out in Election, Political Parties Registration, and Code of Conduct Proclamation number 1162/2011 Article 160, sub Article 2 to comply with the requirements set forth in the new law. A party that fails to comply with the requirements of sub-article 3 of this Article shall be subject to disciplinary action, which may result in the cancellation of its registration.

Accordingly, on January 13, 2020 the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia asked political parties, who are registered prior to the proclamation, to re-register within two months until March 12, 2020 (in accordance with Proclamation No. 1162/2011).

The Board has prepared and sent a list of issues that parties registered under 573/2000 should incorporate in their by-laws in light of the newly promulgated Election, Political Parties Registration, and Electoral Code of Conduct Proclamation No. 162/2011. (Parties against which tick mark is put have complied to the new law and those without the mark did not).

In addition, the directive for requirements national and regional parties registered by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (according to Proclamation No. 1162/2011) should fulfill is enclosed hereunder.

Click on the link to open the directive of obligatory conditions national and regional parties should comply with.

PDFDocument review of parties registered at national level

PDFDocument review of parties registered at regional level

PDFDirective of obligatory conditions national and regional parties registered by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (according to Proclamation No. 1162/2011) should comply with.