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Political Parties

‘’Political Party’’ means an association that is organized by citizens and is a registered entity according to Proclamation No. 1162/2011. A political party formulates political programmes at the national, regional or sub-regional levels in order to gain political power at the national level. Refer the Boards’ responsibility regarding the registration, administration and support of political parties by clicking on the link.  

Constituencies and Polling Stations

The National Election Board of Ethiopia is authorized by Article 7 of Proclamation No. 11/33/2011 to establish constituencies and polling stations throughout the country. Click here to see the terms and conditions of the establishment of constituencies and polling stations as well as other subjects related to the powers and functions of constituencies and stations that is provided for in accordance with Article 14 of Proclamation No. 1162/2011.

Electoral Laws

Click here to read pertinent laws on the National Electoral Board’s Establishment Proclamation, Electoral Code of Conduct and other relevant laws.

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia is an institution established in accordance with the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the new proclamation is cited as the “National Electoral Board of Ethiopia Establishment Proclamation No. 1133/2019”. 

How to vote? 

After getting registered to give a vote, citizens can cast their vote on election day at the polling station where they are registered. See more details of the voting process.  

Electoral Cycle

In the electoral system, an Election Cycle is the process starting from the pre-election process through results announcement and official declaration of winners.  


Click here to read the main questions and their answers about the activities of the National Election Board of Ethiopia.