It is recalled that during the consultation held between the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) and competing parties on December 2, 2021 that, in accordance with Proclamation No. 1162/19 and Directive No. 3/2019, the parties should hold general assembly and conduct document amendment after 6th National Election, and those parties that failed to meet the requirements are informed to conduct their general assembly within one month from the date that the State of Emergency is lifted.

Following the decision made yesterday by the House of People’s Representatives to lift the State of Emergency, the parties whose names are indicated below are now reminded to hold general assemblies and conduct document amendments within one month.

National Parties

  1. Oromo Liberation Movement
  2. Ethiopian Freedom Party
  3. Ethiopian Social Democratic Party
  4. Freedom and Equality Party
  5. Oromo Federalist Congress
  6. New Generation Party
  7. All Ethiopian Unity Party
  8. Ogaden National Freedom Front
  9. Prosperity Party
  10. Ethiopian People Revolutionary Party
  11. Oromo Liberation Front
  12. Hibir Ethiopia Democratic Party
  13. National Movement of Amhara

Regional Parties

  1. Sidama Liberation Movement
  2. Kafa Green Party
  3. Gambela Peoples' Liberation Movement
  4. Mocha Democratic Party
  5. Renaissance Party
  6. Tigray Democratic Party
  7. Afar People Justice Democracy Party
  8. Amhara Democratic Forces Movement
  9. Boro Democratic Party
  10. Union of Tigrians for Democracy and Sovereignty
  11. Argoba Nationality Democratic Movement
  12. Argoba People’s Democratic Organization
  13. Gamo Democratic Party

National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE)

February 16, 2022