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Information about the Silence period

The Period of Silence is the time in the pre-election cycle and includes the four days before the election, according to the Ethiopian Electoral Cycle Guidelines. There are some responsibilities that stakeholders like political parties and media institutions need to consider during this Period of Silence.

Political Parties

  • Based on the directive set by the Board, candidates of political parties and their supporters need to stop their election campaign four days before the start of voting on the Election Day
  • Political parties are not allowed to hold election campaigns in any manner in the four days before Election Day. (It is not allowed to conduct election campaign using the internet, social media, in-person, door-to-door, in public, and in a meeting hall)
  • Political parties are not allowed to give comments or interviews on issues related to the election.
  • They must abide by the directives set by the National Election Board of Ethiopia


  • Mass media outlets are not allowed to broadcast any kind of election-related activities during this Period of Silence. In addition to this, these institutions are not allowed to interview political party candidates.
  • Mass media institutions have the responsibility of transmitting information released from the Board. However, they are not authorized to perform activities not specified in the directives.

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