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Summary of the decisions passed by the Board regarding the General Assembly of Prosperity Party

The National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) passed the following decisions regarding the 1st General Assembly that the Prosperity Party held from March 11–13, 2022, and informed the party of the decisions made.

Accordingly, below are the significant points of the decisions:

It is confirmed that there is a dissimilarity between the list of Central Committee members elected by the party during the assembly and the list that the observers of the Board noted and reported during the electoral result announcement, as a result, the Board finally decided that the Central Committee members are those that were present while observing the election and sent their names along with the decision.

Regarding the members of the Control and Inspection Commission, the members of the commission who are presented as elected were not elected by a free and fair secret ballot and were not elected by the general assembly by Article 23/1 of the party's bylaw and according to Article 74/3 of Proclamation No. 1162/2019, as it was confirmed by the observers of the board who observed the general assembly that the names of the commission were only disclosed to the assembly. As a result, the board decided that the party should call an emergency General Assembly within four months to elect the Control and Inspection Commission members.

Regarding the party’s bylaw, the General Assembly organizing committee, the selection and composition of the members of the Control and Inspection Commission, the minimum number of participants in the General Assembly, and the selection and nomination process of the party’s president and vice president, it is decided that the party should notify the Board by making amendments to the bylaws. It has also been decided that guidelines should be issued and submitted to the Board according to the article which states that guidelines will be issued regarding the nomination process of the members participating in the election on behalf of the party.

Although this party and any other legal body must cooperate with the Board to carry out the duties required to fulfill the responsibilities given by this election law, as stipulated in article 161 of proclamation no. 1162/2019 on the Registration of Electoral Political Parties and Electoral Code of Conduct in Ethiopia, on the contrary, during the Prosperity Party's General Assembly held from March 11–13, 2022, the experts assigned by the Board were prevented from attending/recording. As a result, the Board announces that it will take appropriate corrective measures to prevent this unacceptable practice from happening again.

The National Election Board of Ethiopia

12 September 2022

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