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Information on the undisclosed results of the constituencies where polling took place on September 30, 2021

The National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) held polling on September 30, 2021, in the Somali, Harari, and SNNPR regions, and it is known that there were results from some constituencies that were not announced until a decision was made on the list of complaints of the constituencies. By looking at the existing complaints in detail, the Board has passed the following decisions on the voting and counting of ballots in the constituencies.

Somali Region

Muye Muluqe Constituency (for Regional Council): A recount is scheduled to take place because of the difference observed among the number of voters who signed on the register in all polling stations, the ballot papers found in the box, and the ballot papers found on the ground; and also the difference between the total number of the ballot papers received by the constituency and the number of ballot papers found inside and outside of the ballot boxes were not tolerable. As a result, parties and independent candidates in the constituency have been invited to observe the recount.

Jigjiga Town Constituency (for Regional Council): It has been verified through numerous witnesses that voters were coerced to vote for a single party in 26 polling stations, and also that observers were not able to observe the election process in 13 constituencies. These actions are believed to have the potential of altering the result, so the Board decided that re-election should be held.


Lemo 1 Constituency (for House of Representatives and for Regional Council): Some of the complaints filed were harassment and intimidation of voters, the expulsion of agents from observation, enlisting unqualified voters to vote, pressure on voters by poll workers, non-disclosure of election secrets, and the Board has decided that re-election should be held citing that there is enough evidence supported by witnesses about the violations in numerous polling stations.

Meseqanna Mareqo 2: (for House of Representatives and for Regional Council): Some of the violations observed were intimidation created by militia members around polling stations, prevention of voter participation, the mismatch between the number of voters and number of issued cards, using underage voters to cast their ballots, intimidating the leadership family at each station observer and electorate, officials casting their ballots more than once, suspension of individuals from government work after the Election Day, arresting an HoPR candidate, threatening party members, and observers, due to a clash in the afternoon of the Election Day, prevention of voters voting, and observers complained that they had left the polling station with the help of police as their lives were in danger. Besides these, evidence shows that there was an act of coercion of voters on most polling stations on Election Day. Re-election was held in Meseqanna Mareqo 2 Constituency, and this is the second time that the Board has decided to conduct re-election in this constituency.

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