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The National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) passed a decision concerning voter registration in constituencies where polling hasn’t been conducted or been interrupted

It is known that the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) conducted the 6th General Election on June 21, 2021. However, there were some constituencies where polling was not conducted on the date specified above due to major irregularities related to Voter Registration (VR), the time needed to clarify complaints on Voter Registration, and issues related to security. As a result, the Board leadership passed the following decisions after evaluating the situations in the constituencies where the polling hasn’t been conducted, the status of the election process, and other related issues.

Voter Registration in Somali Regional State

After suspending the Voter Registration due to the complaints received from political parties, the Board investigated the process in 10 constituencies of the Somali Regional State by setting up an investigation team comprised of various civil society organizations. In the process of the investigation, testimonies from political party representatives were heard, documents were examined, and the voter roll itself was observed in person. The investigation team presented a report and some recommendations to the Board and the political parties. Based on this, the Board has passed the following decisions by assessing the report, gathering the comments from the political parties, and conducting different discussions with the investigation team.

From the constituencies where the investigation was conducted:

1. It is decided that Voter Registration should be repeated according to the findings of the investigation team. Constituencies, where Voter Registration is going to be conducted again, are House of Representatives (HoPR) Constituencies:

- Jigjiga 1 Constituency

- Jigjiga 2 Constituency

Regional Council (RC) Constituencies

- Kebri Dehar Town Constituency

- Kebri Dehar Wereda Constituency

- Meiso Constituency

- Afdem Constituency

Polling stations where Voter Registration is going to be repeated

- In Warder Constituency - Ado Kebele – 1 and Eldibir Kebele – Two polling stations

- In Fiq Constituency – 01 Kebele and Polling Station 01 – One polling station

- In Geladen Constituency – One polling station

- In Gode Town Constituency – Four polling stations

- East Emi Constituency – Three polling stations

- Berano Constituency – Three polling stations

2. It is also decided that, in constituencies where VR was suspended or interrupted due to complaints on the process, the registration should resume and be completed within five days.

Voter Registration in Harari Regional State

It is known that an announcement has been made that VR was suspended in Harari due to irregularities observed in the VR process. Thus, the Board has passed the following decision after examining the registration process.

1. The Voter Registration in Jegol Zuria and Hundene Constituencies will be repeated because Harari and non-Harari nationals who vote for different seats were registered together and that the new registration should be held separately.

2. Since the Voter Registration was interrupted in Jegol Liyu Constituency, it is decided that the registration should be conducted for five more days.

3. As it was decided in a Court of Cassation, polling stations where voters from who are Harari nationals living outside of the region can vote will be set up in the following places:

- Addis Ababa City Administration

- Oromiya Regional State (Adama, Chiro, Kombolcha, Gursum, Fedis, Deder and Haromaya)

- Dire Dawa City Administration and

- Somali Regional State

Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR)

The Board decided that Voter Registration should be held again in Constituencies where illegitimate registration was conducted in SNNPR. The Constituencies are:

- Zelmam Constituency

- Dizi Special Constituency

- Surma Constituency

- Mursi Constituency

- Majet Regular Constituency (where voters outside the special constituency are living in)

The Board will pass further decisions about the Constituencies included under Tepi and Sheko Special, in Guraferda Wereda, SNNPR.

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