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The National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has consulted with political parties who have filed complaints related to the 6th General Election Process

The National Election Board of Ethiopia consulted with political parties who had participated in the 6th General Election and complained about the voting process. The consultation, which was attended by the chairman of the Board, Birtukan Mideksa, and the vice chairman of the board, Woubshet Ayele, intended to address the grievances of the parties and to enable them to share their constructive ideas that will help them find a quicker and better solution with respect to the time the Board has. This was stated by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board in their speech. The head of the legal department of the Board also attended the meeting and explained the technical content of the complaints.

It is known that the Board officially announced a few days ago how it evaluates the order of presentation of information that the political parties should follow, which complaints should be dealt with, and how the political parties should file their complaints. The Vice-Chairman in his speech indicated that the Board has set up a team of lawyers who are assigned to organize complaints and the solutions the parties propose and present it to the Board. He then opened the discussion to representatives of political parties who had filed complaints.

The participants thanked the Board that it has organized a forum to hear the views of the parties on the issue; and they said they were happy that it was an experience they had never experienced before. They also shared various solutions that will help the process. Accordingly, in order to make it easier for the Board to respond quickly, it is preparing a complaint form with the same standard and it is providing support by preparing law professionals that receive complaints from.

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