One of the major targets of an election process is to properly compile voting results and announce them step by step to the public on time. The Board is expected to gather, organize, and announce to the public results transferred from polling stations to the headquarters by using modern information technology. Unless there exists a proven uncontrollable situation, an official announcement consisting of the following points is released in 10 days after the Election Day.

Accordingly, when election results are released, the following are also included.

  • Number of registered voters
  • Number of citizens who voted
  • The percentage of registered voters who have voted and not voted
  • Name lists of elected candidates and their constituencies
  • Name lists of winner political parties and independent candidates and the numbers of seats they won in the councils
  • The number of used, unused, and discarded ballot papers, and also the number of votes each candidate got in each polling station together with other relevant information

If complaints submitted against results announced on constituency levels hold up the announcements, then the official announcement can be delayed up to 20 days.

June 25, 2021