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Note on complaint verification of voter registration in the Somali Regional State

The National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) stated in a statement released on May 08, 2021 that various political parties in the Somali region have filed a complaint alleging serious irregularities in the voter registration process with supporting evidence. It is to be recalled that the Board decided to temporarily suspend voter registration in seven constituencies believing that they should be investigated.

Since then, the Board has been recruiting experts, forming a team, developing a code of conduct for the team and finalizing the way the investigation will be conducted and deploying investigative teams. During the deployment of the Team, it was found that complaints had been lodged in four constituencies in addition to the first seven constituencies but had not been disclosed.

Thus, including in these four constituencies (Fiq Constituency, Galadin Constituency, Degehabur Constituency and Jijiga 2 Constituency) the Board will conduct its investigation in 11 constituencies. The Board will strive to finalize the investigation as soon as possible and conduct the election in accordance with the date set for the national election.

The Board will also announce the results of the investigation team (a group of ten) as soon as possible.

National Election Board of Ethiopia

May 22, 2021

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