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The Process of Displaying Voters’ Register for the Public

After the voters’ registration is complete, one of the major electoral activities that will take place is to make the voter register open for public. The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) will conduct the disclosure of voters register from Saturday, May 15, to June 1, 2021.

Polling stations will be open during this time, and the register will be made public, registered citizens will be able to verify their information, and parties, media, and observers who have obtained IDs will be able to view the process. The disclosure process is as follows and the Board respectfully requests you to call us on our toll-free hotline 778 to help us improve with any problems encountered or comments regarding this process.

Procedures for making the voter register open for public:

1. Upon completion of the voter registration, the voter register shall be made public for ten consecutive days in the premises of the polling station.

2. The person who wishes to see the register must present her/his voter registration card, her/ his identification card, or a witness who knows her/him.

3. The voter register shall be made open for public review in the following manner:

A. Election officials who are assigned as registrar of the polling station are the ones who make the voter register open to the public.

B. The head of the polling station facilitates the necessary conditions for visitors who want to see the record by allowing them to see the register one by one.

C. A person who wants to view the voter register should ask the registrar to see the information she /he wants to see. The registrar will show the requested information to the concerned person.

D. It is prohibited for a person viewing the voter register to touch, write, mark, or take photographs of the record.

4. Election observers, political parties, or private candidates and election officials might be present when the voter register is made available for public viewing.

5. The voter register shall be made available for public viewing in accordance with sub-article 1 above and shall be open to the public for 10 consecutive days during office hours including weekends and holidays.

6. At the end of voters’ register disclosure to the public, a brief report will be prepared of complaints on the process if there are any and a summary of the response given, as well as information on observers, political parties or individual candidates who were present on the day the register will be made public.

7. Certified political party representatives, accredited media professionals, and observers can view the official record and monitor the process of making the register available for public viewing.

How to correct an error that occurs during voter registration

A registered voter may apply to the polling station for correction if her/his personal information is incorrect when the voter register is made public. The election executive will review the document and make adjustments in accordance with the law.

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia

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