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The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has completed the process of acknowledging civil society organizations to observe the 6th general election.

The board has finalized its work, and 134,109 domestic observers are expected to be deployed.

Following the call made by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), 111 local civil society organizations interested in observing the election have applied for accreditation to submit their applications for licenses. Of the 111 organizations that applied in the first round, 43 were selected for the second round based on the laws, requirements, and presented documents.

The 43 organizations that made it to the second round were given a pre-selection training on methodology, training plan, and observers recruitment planning. Subsequently the organizations were required to submit strategies based the training and 36 were selected to observe the sixth general election.

The 36 selected civil society organizations provided 134,109 observers, of which

  • 8 civil society organizations working on women's issues presented 61,851 female observers (46%)
  • 244 observers consisting of seven associations under the Ethiopian Federation of PwDs, and
  • 100 observers from one civil society organization selected to observe the election process for IDPs and
  • A civil society network of 173 civil society organizations.

Following this, the National Electoral Board will conduct awareness trainings for selected civil society organizations and develop a strategy to support and monitor a total of 134,109 observers.

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