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Information from the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia regarding the registration of candidates

Since the completion of the registration of candidates, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia has been receiving complaints, resolving problems, conducting lottery for the ballot paper, finalizing list of candidates, and preparing for the publication of ballot cards.

Article 39 (3) of the Political Parties Registration and Ethics Proclamation 1162/2011 stipulates that if a political party wants to change or replace a candidate after the deadline for candidate registration, it should be one month ahead of the election date. Accordingly, from today, May 6, 2021 onwards, the board will not accept any replacement, change, modification, or any other amendment.

Therefore, we would like to inform all parties that the board will be processing the already received questions from parties and will not accept any complaints regarding candidate registration as the printing of ballot papers already began and the legal obligation has comes to an end.

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia

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