The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, in accordance with the powers vested in it by the Electoral, Political Parties and Electoral Ethics Proclamation No. 1162/2019 and the National Electoral Board Establishment Proclamation No. 133/2019, drafted a guideline for licensing and monitoring media and journalists seeking to cover the coming election, and approved Media and Journalists’ Code of Conduct and Procedure No. 02/2020/21.

Recognizing the role of the media in making the next 6th general election free, balanced and fair; this call is needed for the media and journalists to apply to the Board to acquire permission to report at the polling stations. Accordingly, journalists who apply for registration and request for recognition to report can submit their application by holding the following documents:

• The application form prepared by the Board

• A forum with a list of journalists

• The pledge of neutrality the journalists make regarding their neutrality and other related documents

The media can obtain the application form and necessary documents from the Board's website or from the Board's head office and regional branches. You can send your completed applications to media [at] or submit them to the Head Office and Regional Branches for 10 consecutive working days starting from February 8/ the date of this announcement.


This is the first round of accreditation and the process of accrediting at each level will continue in various rounds.

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia

Call for Application
February 8, 2021