When the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia conducted the registration process of political parties, it will be recalled that there were parties that were required to hold a general meeting and submit [the report] until February 7 2021 in accordance with Electoral, Registration of Political Parties and Electoral Code of Conduct No. 1162/2019 and Directive No. 3. The 6th national election due to be held in 2020 was postponed due to fears of the international COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the schedule of the 6th national election has been announced and various activities are underway.

Considering that currently political parties would be under pressure if they are required to hold a general assembly, the Board decided that they hold the general assemblies and submit the changes in their respective constitutions within three months after the completion of the 6th round of general election.

Therefore, we urge political parties that could not convene a general assembly as they are pre-occupied with election preparation to submit the amendments to the Board by organizing their assemblies within 6 months after the conclusion of the election. We would like to inform you that this decision will only apply to the parties participating in the 6th national election.

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia

Call for Application
January 20, 2021