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National Electoral Board of Ethiopia holds awareness raising consultation forum for civil society organizations regarding political parties’ gender audit report

NEBE in collaboration with UN’s Department for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment organized an awareness raising consultation forum for civic society organizations regarding political parties’ gender audit report with the presence Board Deputy Chairman Wubesht Ayel and Board member Bezuwork Ketete on January 14, 2021. The forum was attended by representatives of civic society organizations and stakeholders. The head of Gender and Social Inclusion at the Electoral Board presented the audit report.

Dr. Emezet Mengesha, Professor of Gender and Law at Addis Ababa University, presented details of the audit report. Dr. Emezat said in her speech that it is difficult for the study to claim that the provisions to ensure the fundamental gender equality and empowerment of women have been given due emphasis in the programs and strategic plans of the parties. She also added that there is more work to be done to change the perception of the media towards women and politics. Deputy Chairperson of the Board, Woubshet Ayele, who shared Dr. Emezat’s views, added that the political parties should encourage the process of nominating women for electoral candidacy and leadership positions. Civic society organizations present at the forum also called for the findings of the studies to be taken into account.

Participants of the forum highlighted the importance of similar studies and commented on the study. Dr. Emezat, Board member Bezuwork Ketet, and Board Gender and Inclusion head Medhanit Legesse responded to the queries raised by the participants. It is to be recalled that the Board held discussion with the political parties on the audit report.

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