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National Electoral Board of Ethiopia holds consultative forum on draft political parties gender audit document

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia has today convened a forum to gather input on the draft political parties' gender audit document. It was held in the presence of all the leaders of the Board as well as representatives of political parties and civil society organizations.

The forum was opened by the chairwoman of the board, Birtukan Mideksa. She emphasized that the audit was not only a matter of knowing where we are but also of asking why we are there.

The detailed report of the document was presented by Emezat Mengesha, Professor of Gender and Law at Addis Ababa University. The study used the documents that preceded the re-registration of political parties as an input. Although the number of political parties and its members as well as information about their representations may change after the re-registration of political parties, most of the findings and the comments made by members of the political parties and stakeholders are credible.

Following the presentation of the document Woubshet Ayele and Emezat Mengesha, Deputy Chairpersons of the Board, have held a discussion with the participants, where various comments and questions were received.

National Election Board of Ethiopia

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