The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia has been making the following call-in various media outlets regarding the need for civil society organizations to submit documents. Therefore, you can find the advertisement below for civil society organizations that have not heard the call via media and applied for voter education.

Announcement - To all civic associations and educational institutions that have applied for accreditation to teach voter education
It is known that the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia on March 2020, in accordance with the provisions of the Electoral, Political Parties Registration and Electoral Code of Conduct No. 1162/2019 and Voter Education Licensing and Ethics Directive No. 04/2020 has called on the civil society and educational institutions able to give voter education, to submit their applications for licensing.

It is to be recalled that the Board has reviewed the applications in this regard and has detailed the incomplete documents as to whether you have partially filled in the documents and information that should be completed in accordance with the proclamation and the directive. As a result, the deadline has been extended due to various reasons for failing to respond to the deadline set by the Board on August 26, 2020, for the completion of the required documents and information.
Therefore, we would like to inform you to come in person and submit the left-out documents to the Federal and Branch Offices of the Board, within 10 days from October 12, 2020 to October 23, 2020.

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia

October 16, 2020