It is to be recalled that the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has announced Election Constituency Official job vacancies for the 9 regions and 2 city administrations. However, due to lack of required number of applicants for Harari region, Dire Dawa City Administration, Gambella region, Amhara region interested applicants who meet the above requirements and are interested in working in the three regions and the city administration are invited to submit their CV along with non-returnable copies of credentials within 7 consecutive days from October 07, 2019

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) is reorganizing its branch offices in nine states by expanding its internal organizational reform at the regional level. A key part of this work is to ensure that regional election officials, like the members of the Board of Directors, are selected with involvement of concerned stakeholders. Accordingly, those who meet the provided criteria can apply for the above mentioned three regions and the Dire Dawa City Administration. Accordingly, the requirements for the position of the Regional Electoral Branch Office:


  1. Ethiopian citizen;
  2. Resides in the election constituency/region and has the ability to speak and write the regional working language where the Federal Government is competing.
  3. Has the trust of the local people and has good morals;
  4. Not a member of any political party
  5. Has at least bachelor's degree in law, political science, public administration, statistics, management, information technology or election related fields;
  6. The applicant has four years relevant work experience, if holds a masters degree and five years of work experience if holds a bachelor's degree,
  7. Can read and understand the election law, rules and regulations
  8. Ready and willing to serve in accordance with the principles of institutional independence and impartiality


Applicants must submit a one-page application, complete curriculum vitae, educational credentials, and two letters of recommendation from people close to the applicant within the next 10 days beginning September 04, 2019. You may send complete application by emailing at - ethiopia [at] , submit in hand at the Ethiopian Electoral Board Headquarters in Flamingo area; or send it by EMS or postal code 40812.

0ctober 7,2019 -- Expired