This is not a job advertisement.
The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has been making various institutional changes over the past six months. Accordingly, the Board's office seeks to compile a curriculum vitae of highly skilled individuals in a variety of professions and prepare a list of professionals to facilitate their work on a voluntary basis, on a temporary basis, and in collaboration with the institution.
Therefore, individuals who are skilled in the following fields, who have a deep commitment to the building of independent democratic institutions, and who are willing to support and work with the Electoral Board in various capacities, may submit your CV and a letter of interest describing why you want to work on election-related issues via our email electionsethiopia [at]
Types of skills required

  1. Office manager/administration (Experience in project management and public and non-government management, management and finance, knowledge and experience in law and political science)
  2. Finance professionals (Experience working in governmental and non-governmental organizations, knowledge of international organization and government financial system)
  3. Human resource management
  4. Project management
  5. Project coordination
  6. Event organizer
  7. IT and Electrical professionals (basic IT Support, Hardware Technician, Networking, Database, security…)
  8. Legal Professionals (Political parties support, law and directives drafting skills)
  9. Researchers
  10. Logistics and planning
  11. Media Professionals (social media, media monitoring, editing, graphics, photo and video editing knowledge)
  12. Conflict resolution and security studies professionals
  13. Any other field and consulting service that you believe will contribute to institutions like the Election Board in.

Note: This notice is not a job advertisement but a list of professionals and a collection of skills and the Board will call professionals when necessary. This call applies to individuals who are not members of any political party, and the Board respectfully requests that you express your willingness to serve voluntarily in your letter.


July 25, 2019 -- Expired