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New Board Members Assignment for National Election Board of Ethiopia

June 15, 2019

According to the recent proclamation 1133/2011 approved by House of Peoples' Representatives the Board has appointed four additional board members. A seven-member executive committee of has been set up to coordinate the recruitment process of the additional board members for National Electoral Board of Ethiopia. Accordingly, the recruitment committee issued an internal guideline and publicized the recruitment through more than 20 media outlets, from which it was able to receive 200 candidate recommendations through phone, email, fax and in person. The 200 submissions were passed through three screening sessions.

On the first chapter of the recruitment, based on the election proclamation article 8 with respect to basic criteria such as nationality, educational backgrounds stated on the proclamation (law political science, governance, statistics, information technology and other election related fields), professional experience in various organizations, not a member of any political party and their willingness taken into consideration 20 candidates we selected to the second round. On the second chapter, the educational background, multi-dimensional work experience in relatively politically neutral organizations in a manner that is ethnic and gender inclusive, among the 20 candidates 10 were selected for the next chapter of the recruitment process

On the third and final chapter of the recruitment based on good moral and character, ability to take responsibility, their ability to express their views, their vision of a change for the election board and their national perspective as well as skills in team work two candidates from each category, an overall of eight candidates were selected.

The Prime Minister held discussions with more than 20 party leaders on the overall process of the recruitment committee and the status of the final eight candidates nominated by the committee. The following four candidates were nominated to the House of Representatives based on the input of the recruitment committee and the leaders of the political parties.

1. Bizuwork Ketete

Educational Background: Master’s Degree in Linguistics (includes Philosophy and Governance)
Work Experience: She has worked as an Officer, Senior Program Manager, Director and other senior positions in organizations like Risk Prevention and Preparedness Commission, Ethiopian Television, Action Aid International (London, Ethiopia and Rwanda office), Safer World East Africa, the Germen consulting organization on Risk Prevention and Rehabilitation and Irish Aid.
Bizuwork speaks Amharic, English, French and Spanish languages.

2. Woubshet Ayele Gete

Educational Background: Bachelors of Law (LLB)
Work Experience: He has many years of experience as a Supreme Court judge, legal expert, and legal consultant, and currently serves as Chair of the Judicial Reform Council, and as a Coordinator and Moderator of Political Parties' Forum. Woubshet is an expert in the field of justice and legal affairs who coordinated the political parties' preparation and discussion of the signing of the memorandum of understanding. Over the past few years, he has also been involved in various charities regarding Ethiopia in Sweden.
Woubshet speaks Amharic and English languages.

3. Getahun Kassa (PhD)

Educational Background: Doctoral Degree in Law
Work Experience: He has served as a prosecutor in the Tigray Region, as a lecturer at Mekelle University, as a consultant to various UN agencies, as a consultant to various international NGOs (DFID, CAFOD, UNG international), embassies and government agencies, and as Director General of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. In addition to being a lawyer, counselor, and educator, he is currently a member of the Legal and Judicial Reform Advisory Council under the Federal Attorney General.
Dr Getahun speaks Tigrigna, Amharic and English languages.

4. Abera Degefa (PhD)

Educational Background: Doctoral Degree in Social Work, Master’s Degree in Law and Human Rights. Work Experience: More than 20 years of teaching experience at Addis Ababa University, undertaken multiple studies together with civil organizations and an award-winning scholar.
Dr Abera speaks Adan Oromo, Amharic and English languages
Among the above candidates, Woubshet Ayele has been elected as the Deputy Chairman of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia by the Prime Minister. As assigned by the House of People’s Representative early on, Birtukan Mideksa will continue to be the chairperson according article 28 of the proclamation reestablishing the national election Board.

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