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Brief announcement on the decision made by the Board concerning the registration of political parties

It is known that the National Election Board of Ethiopia has been conducting the registration and re-registration of political parties based on Proclamation no. 1162/2019, Article 65. As a result, the registration of some parties has been renewed while 27 parties that could not meet the requirements have been dissolved. Those parties dissatisfied with the decision of the party have taken their cases to the court.

For the parties mentioned below:

1. Oromo Abo Liberation Front

2. Oromo Unity and Democracy for Federal Peaceful Change

3. Oromo Liberation Unity Front, and

4. Oromo Democratic Unity, the court has decided that the parties should have been given a chance to be heard before the Board decides to dissolve them.

Based on the decision of the court, the Board gave a chance to the mentioned parties to be heard. Though the parties used the opportunity they were given and presented their defense, they couldn’t still meet the requirement of submitting the signatures of at least 35 percent of its members. So, the Board proceeded with the decision that the parties can no longer continue with the registration process, and that they are annulled or dissolved based on Proclamation no. 1162/2019.

The National Election Board of Ethiopia

December 10, 2021

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