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The National Election Board of Ethiopia has disclosed the constituency map on March 14, 2020

The disclosure ceremony was opened with a speech from one of the board members, Bizuwork Ketete where Invited political parties, civil society organizations and media representatives were present.

Dr. Getachew Assefa (Lawyer) has elaborated on the formation of constituency maps and the legal framework referring to the meaning of Constituency, determination criteria of constituency stated on the constitution and related legal frameworks.

The NEBE Chairperson Birtukan Mideksa has given an elaborated description regarding the preparation of constituency map for the 2020 General Elections. Apart from pointing out that The Board has 547 constituencies, the Chairperson indicated that The Board has never had a publicized constituency map, and this is the first map showing constituencies. Aside from showing the constituencies on map, The Board has announced that it hasn’t formed any new constituencies.

On this same forum, The Board has given elaborations for questions forwarded by participants regarding the disclosed constituency map.

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