Call for Individual Media Monitoring for the Upcoming Remaining Election and Re-election of the 6th General Election

General Description

Services Description:  Call for Individual Media Monitoring service for the Upcoming Remaining Election and Re-election the 6th general election

Client: National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE)

Duty Station: Addis Ababa, NEBE Head Office

Duration:  Three Months                 

I. Background

The National Election Board of Ethiopia conducted the 6th General Election in two rounds, on June 21 and September 30, 2021. However, due to various reasons, the general election was not conducted in certain parts of Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz, Somali and Central Ethiopia regions. As a result, the board has planned to conduct the remaining election on June 16, 2024 in Benishangul Gumz; Afar, Somali, and Central Ethiopia regions. Hence temporary media monitoring unit needs to be established to monitor all communication for 3 consecutive months during the election schedule.

II. Objectives of the Consultancy

2.1. General objectives

The overall objective of this consultancy service is to monitor and report all the communication associated with the Election, which will be held in Afar, Benishangul Gumz, Somali and Central Ethiopia regions on June 16, 2024.

2.2. Specific objectives

  • Identify and Flag hate speech regarding the election stakeholders,
  • Flag conflict and incidents,
  • Inform and keep updated the board about the trending concerns across all the communication channels,
  • Quantify the media coverage regarding the election.

III. Scope of the Work

The monitoring unit will observe and monitor:

  • The access granted to political parties in the mass media and whether the convergence of election is fair and balanced (Coverage)
  •  Whether political parties were covered in an unbiased and equitable manner
  • The tone of media coverage towards the political parties is categorized into the scale of Positive, Negative, and Neutral.
  • Other activities like conflict reporting, minority, and people with special needs coverage
  • Overall communication pattern on social media regarding the election stakeholders

IV. Recruitment Qualifications

One media monitor for each region will be required, one from the Somali region, one from Afar, one from Benshangul- Gumez, and the other one from the Central Ethiopia region.  For this temporary role anyone, who possesses the following criteria can apply:

  • Academic credentials in Media study, statistics, information science, social science, and other related fields from recognized universities with a passing mark
  • Committed to accepting the offer for 3 months with no possibility of an extension.
  • Understanding of Election and Election Principles
  • Experience in data collection and research methods.
  • Proficient in using computers, MS- packages, SPSS, STATA
  • Not being a member of any political parties; or political affiliation
  • Speaks Af-Somali (Mother tongue) Afarigna (Mother tongue) and Amharic as a secondary language
  • Speaking an additional language is an asset.
  • Understanding of the local governance and context in the locality of Afar, Somali, Benshangul- Gumez, and Central Ethiopia.

V. Duration of the task

The temporary role will end within 3 months.

Pre-election period: The media monitoring unit will be functioning 1 month earlier the election. During this period is the time for the elections management body and key stakeholders to engage with and implement a wide range of activities to prepare for and improve the electoral process. Media monitors therefore monitor all the communication associated with all these variables during the project stay, 1 month before the E-day.

During the election period: The election period is the time when various important tasks are performed. These include voting, counting votes, verification, and announcement of results, as well as grievance hearings and resolutions. Hence media monitors will do assessments focusing on these elements.

Post-election period: The post-election period is the period after an election is conducted and results have been announced. This period involves post-election assessment and evaluation, constituency delimitation according to the legal framework, and assessing the Electoral Management Body’s (EMB) strategic plans and readiness for future elections. Finally, the project will be closed by summarizing the whole scenario related to this specific election.


Interested candidates should submit soft copies of their CV and Motivational letter to the National Election Board of Ethiopia:

The deadline for the submission of applications is May 19th, 2024.



Call for Application
Post Date: May 15, 2024