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The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) holds a joint forum on electoral conflict prevention

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia April 13, 2021 Addis Ababa held conflict prevention joint form on electoral conflict prevention. On the forum, Office of the Minister of Defense, Federal Police Commission, National Intelligence and Security Service, Mayor's Office, Police Commission, Prosecutor's Office, Women's Federation, People with Disabilities Association, Religious Council, Civil Society Agency, Addis Ababa Youth Association, Representatives of the Ethiopian Council of Elders, the Joint Council of Ethiopian Political Parties, Addis Ababa University and representatives of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission were invited. The Deputy Chairperson of the Board, Woubshet Ayele, opened the meeting. He asserted that, the peace of the election should not be left entirely to the security forces. He also said that the forum needed to be organized as an election involves many stakeholders by its nature. He also expressed hope that the joint forum would be able to identify and resolve election-related conflicts easily and quickly.

Following the Deputy Chairperson's speech, the types and causes of electoral conflicts, violence against women during elections, the structural organization, and responsibilities of the Joint Forum were detailed by the Board's Election Prevention Unit; Questions and additional constructive comments were gathered from the participants in the detailed discussion. The questions regarding election related violence were answered by the Vice-Chairperson and the Board's Pre-Conflict Prevention Unit. The forum was first and foremost known and there will be further training and forums on the subject.

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