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The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) gives first round recognition to civil society organizations that have applied to give voter education

It is to be recalled that civil society organizations that give voter education have submitted their applications following the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia’s call to give recognition to the organizations. Accordingly, the Board has been reviewing the applications of the organizations and requesting the remaining documents to be completed. Accordingly, the first round of accreditation has been approved and the following civic organizations have fulfilled the requests of the Board and earned recognition. Following this, the list of next round of civic organizations will be announced after the Board finalizes their approval.  

  1. Rohi Wode Livestock Community Development
  2. Empathy for Life Development Association
  3. Voice for Justice and Development International
  4. Center for Advancement of Rights and Democracy
  5. Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organization
  6. Center of Concern
  7. Shiny Day Social Services Organization
  8. Mushroom Integrated Development Organization
  9. Flavor to Develop Person with Disability
  10. Mesobe Charity and Relief Organization
  11. Future Generation for Vulnerable Aid Organization
  12. Dire Integrated Community Development
  13. Hopeful Generation for Development
  14. Ethiopian Human Right Council
  15. Rediet’s Initiative for Development
  16. Agro-Pastoral Initiative for Development
  17. Initiative for Peace and Development
  18. Turcanfin Sustainable Development     
  19. Fana New Generation Ethiopia
  20. Pastoralist Welfare Organization
  21. Vote for Ethiopia
  22. Duwawe Community Development Organization
  23. Youth and Cultural Development Foundation
  24. Health and Wholeness Ethiopia

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