It is known that the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE)has been making various activities after announcing the timetable for holding the 6th national election. One of the tasks mentioned in the timeline is the selection of political parties' election symbols. Accordingly, the submission of election symbols and the following decision-making procedures will be undertaken between January 21-February 1. Accordingly, the selection of the election symbol will be conducted as follows.

1. The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has developed a variety of symbols that can be used by parties for the election, and party representatives will choose the ones that they think represent them.

2. Then the representatives will register the symbol they selected is owned by their party. The symbol registered by a party will be removed from the list of symbols to be chosen by others.

3. Parties that can/do not get symbol of their choice from the Board or wish to register their own symbol must meet the following requirements.

- They must bring print and bring their symbol for registration.

- They must provide their symbol in digital form via flash disk.

- Their symbol must be in black and white.

- Their symbol should be 2 cm by 2 cm

- Resolution should be 200 - 300 pixels

- The file size should not exceed 200 KB

4. The selection process will take place on January 21-26, and the Board will conduct screening and decision-making activities from January 26- February 1.

5. On the selection process that will be held from January 21-26, parties that have completed their legal registration for the election symbol[can participate] during working hours at the Center of Political Parties on the 7th floor of Yeshi Building, in front of Bole Printing House.

6. This election symbol selection process does not include individual candidates; The manner in which individual candidates select their symbols will be determined by the Board in the future. National Electoral Board of Ethiopia

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia

Call for Application
January 20, 2021