The National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) held a consultation with political parties about the requirements to be met by parties after the election, the financial support from the government, and about the restrictions imposed on their activities. The consultation was led by the chairperson of the Board, Birtukan Mideksa together with the deputy chairman Wubshet Ayele, and it was attended by political parties registered by the Board.

The parties forwarded questions about the support from the government and discussed about a general assembly and challenges on party members and supporters. Based on this consultation, the Board has passed the following decisions:

1. It is known that according to the decision by NEBE parties are supposed to hold a general assembly within one month after the election. Pertaining to this, even if there were some parties that have held their general assembly, most of them haven’t yet done so. So, the Board reminded these parties to hold their assemblies after the end of the current state of emergency.

2. Those political parties that took the financial support from the government should present the audit report of the previous fiscal year and the financial report of the current year to the Board. The Board would like to inform the parties that if they need more support, they can present their request to the Political Parties department of the Board.

National Election Board of Ethiopia

December 6, 2021