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The Joint Council of Women Political Party Members is formed

The formation of a Joint Council of Women Political Party Members took place on September 3, 2021. Members of the Board leadership Bizuwerk Ketete, Abera Degefu (Dr.), Fikre G/Hiwot, Wubshet Ayele, and also women political party members were present at the meeting which was opened by a speech from the Deputy Chairperson of the Board, Wubshet Ayele. In his speech, the Deputy Chairperson stated that the participation of women in politics is low, and though the Board has tried to improve this situation by working with different stakeholders, a lot of effort is still needed compared to what is expected. He has also stated that the initiative to form the Joint Council had taken two years and would be of great benefit.

Following the speech by the Deputy Chairperson, the forum was opened to the participants under the coordination of the Gender and Social Inclusion Division of the Board, and the participants expressed their gratitude to the Board for organizing the forum and said that it is a great contribution. They have also forwarded in detail issues that need improvement on the draft procedure document for the establishment of the Joint Council. The Deputy Chairperson, Wubshet Ayele, asserted that the points and suggestions forwarded by the participants are basic and that improvements will be implemented accordingly. Abera Degefu (Dr.), a member of the Board leadership, also gave response about the applicability of the points raised concerning legal amendments. It was underlined that female members of the council, as they are politicians, can discuss national affairs related to women’s issues in the Joint Council of Women Political Party Members. It was agreed that the signing of this treaty would be the spring board for joint political endeavor of women.

Bizuwerk Ketete, another member of the Board leadership stated that the establishment of the Joint Council is a delayed matter. She also added that female candidates were provided trainings during the National Election, and the comments forwarded during these trainings depicted the need for the establishment of the Council. At the end of the meeting, a Procedure Covenant Document which states the working relationship among the members of the women political party members and their individual activities was read out and signed after the amendments were included. Coordinated by the Political Affairs Department of the Board, temporary leaders of the council were elected, and Nebiha Mohammed was assigned to be the chairperson, Konjit Birhanu the deputy chairperson, and Meliha Jihad the secretary of the Council.

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